Grinder's Gear Review | Zamst Knee BraceWhat is it? Zamst might not be a name you’re familiar with, but if you have any nagging knee issues, you should be.  I was able to train with both the Zamst ZK-7 Knee Brace and also the ZK-1 which is more of a padded knee brace. The ZK-7 is a product that, according to Zamst is, “Exo-Tech QUAD provides 4-way ligament support with resin stays to support medial and lateral stability as well as x-strap and parallel straps for effective anterior and posterior stability to the ACL/PCL.” .

What do I think? Well, I have “old dude’s knee.” Not really injured, but it just hurts when I do certain movements and is perfectly fine during things like box jumps and squats (when you’d think it would be bothering me). I used these braces for squatting and lunges especially and both were amazing. These are not everyday knee sleeves like some other products we’ve reviewed at Grinder’s Gear Review, but if you are doing some workouts or lifting with heavy weights and don’t have to break out some distance running in the middle, these products will give you both the support and flexibility you are after. Great products.

 Why do you need it? If you have any kind of nagging knee issues or knee discomfort, these will give you all the support and confidence you’ll need to grind out a workout or lifting session.

When should you use it? Again, I love them for squatting and lunging workouts. I used them for a workout which had 75 overhead squats and 75 pull-ups programmed and my knee felt great afterwards.

How do you get it? Zamst is sold directly through their website. The ZK-7 Knee Brace retails for $79.99 and the ZK-1 sells for $49.99. Grinder's Gear Review | Zamst Knee Brace

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