What is it? Blonyx HMB + Creatine is a product that I hadn’t had any experience with until I tested it for 30 days for Grinder’s Gear Review.  Without getting into all the scientific specifics (which can be found on their site) it is a protein that is mixed with a liquid and taken after workouts in order to help repair muscle tissue that breaks down when you train.

What do I think? It works.  The biggest difference was how it reduced my soreness and muscle recovery time.  We had done a workout that had a ton of wall-balls in it.  The next day everyone was walking kind of bow-legged due to the pain their quads, hamstrings and glutes.  Just like my friends, I normally get slammed by pain after a workout like that, but because I was taking the HMB, I was fine. When it arrives, it looks too small to be 30 days worth but it has a small scoop and will last the whole time.

Small but mighty.

Small but mighty.

Why do you need it? It says that it helps with repairing muscle tissues and helps you to recover and I believe after taking it for 30 days that it does what it says it supposed to do.

When should you use it? Post workout mixed with some liquid.  I will say one downside is that the best way for me to take it was with some juice and that meant added sugar.  When I was traveling, I couldn’t find juice at the hotel so I mixed it with coffee when it cooled.  It doesn’t taste to great so you’ll want juice.

How do you get it? There are a lot of people who sell Blonyx at affiliates or independently but you can get some from their site.   This amount retails for $60.


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