What is it? PRC Apparel is a new company that prides themselves on making clothes for athletes.  I received the Polo Shirt and Boardshorts from them. Here is a description of the shirt, “Lightweight, breathable polyester with just a tiny bit of stretch. Anti-bacterial, odor resistant with moisture management and wicking.” The shorts are described as, “Waterproof & breathable red outer shell with just a touch of stretch. Inner membrane to add some more crispness to the construction and some butter to the feel.”

What do I think? I love Polo shirts of all kinds. The people at PRC contacted me a while back and when I looked into their company, I reallyGrinder's Gear Review | PRC loved what I was seeing. When I got the shirt and shorts, I could tell that they were very good quality. The material in the polo had a more athletic feel to it.  This was definitely not a traditional cotton dress polo. This shirt was the kind you could wear on the beach for the day and then go into a nice seaside restaurant. Likewise, I loved the fit of the boardshorts. The shorts could easily be worn as trunks, for a workout or a night on the town. I will say that the shorts were shorter than most of the traditional shorts that I wear so be mindful of that when ordering.

Why do you need it & when should you use it? If you want some quality gear that is ideal for work or play, PRC Apparel is worth checking out.  Athletic, breathable fit for fun in the sun or dining out with friends or family.

How do you get it? PRC was at the CrossFit Games in Madison, but the place to pick up these items and some of the new pieces they have coming out is on their site. The Polo shirt and boardshorts both sell for $64.

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