Not all wrist wraps are created equal.

Not all wrist wraps are created equal.

What is it? Strength Wraps makes incredibly good wrist wraps that help give lifters support on all kinds of movements.  They are strong and sturdy but are flexible enough that you can wear them for any kind of workout, not just Olympic or power lifting.

What do I think? As far as wrist wraps go, these are the best ones I’ve used.  They support my wrists when I need it without them feeling like they’re in some kind of brace or cast. These wraps are made of quality material and they move with you whether you are doing handstand-push-ups or anything with a barbell.

Why do you need it? Part of being a long time CrossFit athlete is making sure you take the time to use proper form and take care of your body.  Don’t wait until your wrists start bothering you. You should get some of these wraps and protect your wrists now before they get sore.

When should you use it? Any time you are training and feel like your wrists are going to take a lot of straining or impact.

How do you get it? Strength Wraps can be found on a variety of sites including Rogue but I’d advise getting them straight from the source at Strength Wraps for $25.00.

Strength Wraps | Grinder's Gear Review

It’s what’s inside, in this case the quality liner, that counts.

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