Grinder's Gear Review | WholeMeWhat is it? WholeMe is now available in a new size a package but still has the same amazing taste and product as the original formula.  From their site: “Our WholeMe Clusters are perfect for all occasions of snacking.  Try it and you’ll never look back.  Eat it alone by the handful, or with fruit, coconut milk, raisins, Greek yogurt…the options are endless.  True satisfaction.” They make great tasting, nutrient-dense products that are quick and convenient to enjoy for the on-the-go lifestyle. Mostly they make packages of nut and fruit based clusters (think paleo granola) and a couple of pressed nut and fruit bars.

What do I think? What did I think? I thought, that I was never going to stop eating this stuff.  It’s flippin’ delicious.  If you are really locked in or cutting sugars (even the kinds found in fruit, dates and things like honey) you might want to “pump the brakes” before you just take down a whole bag but I’ll testify that it wouldn’t be a hard thing to do. I had both the almond coconut and lemon berry chia and they were very good.  Nice blend of a little salty with sweetness.

Why do you need it? Any time you want a quick, nutrient-dense, delicious snack.

When should you use it? Excellent for breakfast or for a snack. They have pictures of people using it as cereal. This looked appealing but I never actually tried it.  Reality . . . it was gone too fast.  No time for milk.Grinder's Gear Review | WholeMe

How do you get it? I know from following the WholeMe site and on their social media that they are becoming more available at trade shows and retail chains.  For now, get some sent to you of  their site. The clusters I consumed retail for only $7.00 per unit.

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