What is it? Here’s an explanation of Treign Active Wear and their philosophy:

“Treign active wear was established in 2016 for athletes committed to pursuing their passion and overcoming obstacles to achieve their goals. Treign is one of the fastest growing new athletic apparel companies in the United States. Created by athletes and coaches, Treign athletic apparel is designed for maximum performance while maintaining comfort and style. Treign’s versatility allows for exceptional wearability, whether you’re crushing it on the court or cheering from the stands. We use high-quality materials and clean designs to convey the theme of the dedication it takes to pursue your dreams.

Our motto at Treign is “Commit, burn the ships!” Alexander the Great and Hernan Cortes supposedly gave this command to their men when they charged into their conquests so that retreat was not an option. At Treign, we believe that every hero’s story starts with a commitment to Grinder's Gear Review | Treignbe victorious and to burn the ships.

Our company is dedicated to helping others pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles, and we believe it is extremely important to give back.   10% of Treign athletic apparel profits are donated to groups that provide food, clothing and shelter to those in need.”

What do I think? I like the color, designs and fit of the products I’ve trained in from Treign. Including the CrossFit Games Regionals, I’m starting to see more and more Treign shirts popping up on athletes and at events. Excellent shirts for active CrossFit workouts and functional fitness training sessions. Their stuff is for active and fit bodies so be aware of that if you are wanting to try to find something that has a little more of a loose fit, you might want to consider going up a size. The length on their shirts is great and stays in place during workouts. This is a lighter material shirt which is going to be even more awesome when the temps here in the midwest climb up into triple digits this summer. I love the company’s philosophy and their mission and the fact that they are giving back with a portion of their sales going to charity, this company and their shirts are a can’t miss in my opinion. In addition, Treign told me that they have shorts coming soon which I’m hopeful to get to try out as well.

Why do you need it & when should you use it? Solid workout shirts and gear that you can wear in or out of the gym. Lightweight and comfortable, Treign can literally be worn for any type of activity. If you’re looking for good products that give back, check this new company out.

How do you get it? Treign is showing up all over the place at local comps to the CrossFit Games Regionals. For now, the best spot to pick up their gear is on their site. Shirts I reviewed retail for $25.

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