What is it? Treign has been making some great training gear for a while and now they have recently branched out into training shorts. This is what the folks at Treign had to say about it, “We didn’t feel like generic shorts available were the quality we wanted to offer. We looked a some of the top shorts on the market and tried to use qualities from them but still have ours be unique. Our shorts are manufactured with great materials and with attention to detail. We mostly wanted to make a good quality short at a good price.”

What do I think? When I got these shorts from Treign, the first thing they talked to me about was the length. These are 92/8 nylon/spandex blend and have an 11” inseam. In a time when I was starting to think that workout shorts were just getting shorter and shorter, I was happy to see a pair that was going in the other direction. The Treign short has an awesome blend of lightweight feel and solid fit. True fitting around the Grinder's Gear Review| Treignwaist, I thought the length on these was perfect. Longer cut so that they sit just above the knee was exactly what I was looking for. If there is anything to work on, it is the lack of pockets. There is one zipper pocket and it was big enough for my cell, but that was all. If you are heading to and from the gym, there is not much you can carry. Also, more colors and designs would be a plus. Right now they just come in black with white print.  

Why do you need it & when should you use it? If you are looking for a great fitting pair of shorts that are a return to a standard length, the Treign shorts could be the answer. These are great for any kind of workout or training session including running and can also be used as trunks for a day at the pool or beach.

How do you get it? Treign shorts can be picked up at local comps and the CrossFit Games. They are available on their site (or will be soon) and retail for only $55.

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