What is it? NOBULL Project states on their website that with their Duffleback you can, “access it like a duffle, carry it like a backpack.” This hybrid of the two is engineered to carry all the types of things you would cram into a regular dufflebag, but has a great anatomically tailored design which allows for a great backpack feel.

What do I think? I think this thing is really impressive. In the pictures and the description on their website, I couldn’t really grasp what the hype was all about.   Having my hands on this thing and stuffing it will all kinds of gear to lug it around my job and to the gym really made a big difference.  Rough and rugged outer material and a waterproof liner were two things that caught my attention. But the things I liked best were the four straps that could be unhooked or loosened to expand the duffle area to fit more clothes and gear. In addition to all those features, it touts two media pouches on the sides which were big enough for my iPhone 6 Plus and also had the waterproof liner.

Why do you need it? If you want a backpack that breaks the mold from traditional packs, has great features including a padded laptop pouch and is something you can take camping or take to work, this is a great find.

When should you use it? I use mine to take clothes, gear and my computer all over the place.  I’ll be very thankful to have this when I start traveling to work at Regionals this spring and to the CrossFit Games in July.

How do you get it? NOBULL is sold directly from their site, but you might see them popping up at some comps like the ECC and maybe some East Coast Regionals as well.  This Duffleback is going to set you back $249 but in my opinion, it’s worth the investment.
NO BULL Duffleback | Grinder's Gear

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