Grinder's Gear Review | ASRXWhat is it? Life AsRx is one of the oldest and most well known CrossFit brands out there. The founders actually lived in their gym for a few years while they worked their assess off to build this company. You’ve probably heard of AsRx, but do you know what it means to live your life AsRx? They say this, “It is the ethos for ourselves and other creative, forward thinkers that relentlessly blaze their own path toward the pursuit of excellence. It lives inside all of us and is not to be overlooked. Our trendsetting culture is real, creative, and unfazed by naysayers, critics and outsiders. Living Life AsRx is to lead by example instead of following others. This truth will always be at the forefront of why we exist and it is incorporated into everything we do.”

What do I think? I’ve loved AsRx as long as I’ve loved CrossFit, so I was excited to test out their Lift Capri, and see if they can make pants as well as they make shirts. They do! Their product description says you’ll want to trash your Lulus for these, and while I do think they are more comfortable, I’ll still need something to wear while these are in the wash. Speaking of that, you don’t have to treat these capris like fine china, and they can be machine dried. They don’t pill and the material and stitching quality is great.

Why do you need it? These are the best workout capris I own. Now if only they would start making a longer pant version, other styles, and more color options. I have the spacedye, and will be adding the black to my wardrobe as well. Grinder's Gear Review | ASRX

When should you use it? Wear these everywhere, because you’ll already want to.  The gym, yoga, running errands, coffee, you can live in these and still look put together while wearing workout pants.

How do you get it? AsRx Lift Capris can be purchased through their website for $68 along with a wide arrange of gear for both men, women, and kids.

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