Grinder's Gear Review | Standard ShirtWhat is it? Standard Shirt is a new company who is looking to make a name for themselves doing things the simple way, making one good product at a time.  According to their site, “The cut of our shirt is modern, nothing should be added nor taken away. We did away with the shirts our granddads wore and adapted an athletic cut to our shirts allowing for a sleek silhouette. We understand not all of us are sized in whole numbers and halves and that’s why we size in quarters (1/4) and thirds (1/3) inches to get as close as possible to the perfect fit. It’s more than just a stylistic choice as a close fit with a durable fabric allows the shirt to mimic the body’s natural movements.”

What do I think? If you like athletic cuts in your dress shirts, Standard Shirt has created one of the best I’ve worn. I was contacted by this company and was very excited to try their product out especially now that I have to wear shirts and ties for my day job. From the unpacking of this shirt I could tell by the feel and look that this was definitely a better quality dress shirt than a typical off-the-rack style which I would normally buy and wear. When I got to put this on and wear it to work, I knew immediately that this would be my favorite white dress shirt. Versatile enough for everyday wear, but quality enough to wear to formal occasions, the Standard Shirt is a great product.

Why do you need it? If you are looking for a classic fit, athletic cut and feel in a dress shirt, this is a great product. Also, it is very affordable which isn’t always the case when looking at custom garments of this kind.

When should you use it? Any time you want to look like you just walked out of a GQ photo shoot, button this shirt on and go. Could be worn around the office or with a tux.  The thing to remember is the fit and feel are amazing and you can’t just wear gym clothes all the time . . Grinder's Gear Review | Standard Shirt.right?

How do you get it? Standard Shirt handcrafts their shirts and has ½ inch and ⅓ inch sizes to get as true of a fit as you could want from an online shirt company. The Standard Shirt retails for $59.00.  

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