What is it? This is the description from Score It Band: “Show off your patriotism with the Score It Band – Freedom!

  • Allows you to count rounds/reps conveniently and efficiently
  • Functions during the most strenuous exercises (double-unders, kettlebell work, gymnastics movements, etc.)
  • Simple to use

*Beads are arranged in alternating colors.

Score It Band is a wearable fitness accessory used to count rounds/reps during high intensity training. Score It Band is perfect for amraps and wods with multiple rounds.

Using Score It Band couldn’t be simpler! First, slide the band onto your wrist or forearm. Second, slide the beads from one end of the band to the other as rounds/reps are completed. The innovative design will cause the beads to stay in place.

The band is made from a high quality cotton blend material for comfort and sweat absorption. Robust parts (

Grinder's Gear Review | Score It Band

beads, elastic cords, and rivets) are integrated into the band for functionality and durability.”

What do I think? I can usually make a decent judgement of a product by my initial reaction. When I opened Score It Band, I thought that this was going to be something that I never use and that I’d just tell the company “thanks” and decide to not do a review. But after giving this thing a try, I really love it. This product is so simple, yet so smart. Every person I have shown this to at our CrossFit gym really likes it. The product itself is easy to describe: it’s a wristband with a set of beads that you can use to move and keep track of you rounds and reps while you train. It works great and I love using it. Plus, it keeps your hand from getting all sweaty.

Why do you need it & when should you use it? Any time you are working out or even running laps or intervals, you can go wrong with using the. If you are tired of marking down reps or using chalk or chips to keep track of your count, this is the gear you’ve been missing.

How do you get it? Score It Band is for sale on their site for $18.

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