What is it? The StrongerRX 3.0 Glove is designed to protect your hands during all kinds of movements, workouts and training.  The glove is light, flexible and breathable while maintain a consistent grip but not having that “too sticky” feeling to it.

What do I think? I was really wanting a glove that I could use for rope climbs. In a local competition last winter, we had rope climbs for the first time ever.  For me, getting up the rope was fine but I was uncomfortable coming down.  Like a fool, I just held the rope and slid down all 15 feet. This removed a good deal of skin off of my hands.  With these gloves, I was able to climb the ropes, maintain my grip, and no matter how I held on the rope and slid, they protected me.

Why do you need it? If you are looking for some good fitting gloves that have great grip and protect your hands, get these.

When should you use it? These can be used for any type of lift or hanging movement (pull-ups, bar muscle-ups, toes-to-bar, etc …) but I like them the most for rope climbing protection.  I’m not a big advocate for working out and wearing gloves, but I needed them on the ropes.

How do you get it? You can get the StrongerRX 3.0 Glove on their site and they retail for $48 per pair.StrongerRX 3.0 Gloves | Grinder's Gear Review

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