Grinder's Gear Review| HandBand Pro V3What is it? Here’s a description from their site.HandBand Pro® V3 is the first and only fitness grip with wrist support to PREVENT blisters and rips with total hand freedom. Perfect gloves for CrossFit and weight training, our patented, one-piece design increases grip and reduces the friction that causes your hands to give out before you do.Fast and easy to put on and take off with secure velcro closure. Sold as a pair and available in two sizes. HandBand Pro® offers the only no-bulk, rugged, no-slip grip right where you need it. Say good-bye to gloves, tape, pads and chalk, and most importantly – say goodbye to ripped hands!”


Prevents blisters and rips

  • Patented one-piece construction
  • Simple and secure velcro closure
  • Eliminates the need for chalk, tape, grip pads and gloves
  • Creates a strong, natural, no-bulk grip
  • Comfortable total hand freedom
  • Versatile custom fit
  • Anti-fatigue, no-slip grip
  • Increased performance due to less downtime
  • Firm and comfortable wrist support
  • Easy on and off – nothing to attach
  • Constructed of durable, high-performance neoprene
  • Lock on wrists before workout and in between sets
  • Washable –  clean and green
  • Durable – average life span of 1 year!

What do I think? When I first saw HandBand Pro® on social media I thought that someone had just taken a headband and wrapped it around their hands to protect them while doing pull-ups. I contacted HandBand Grinder's Gear Review| HandBand Pro V3Pro® to see if I could try some out. To my surprise, these these are really sturdy and effective. I have used the newest version (v3) and I am very please with their fit and feel. I was worried at first these grips might slip on my palms when doing a lot of pull-ups.  But I was able to secure them and they didn’t move. The other great thing is that they are easy to unvelcro and slip off the palm of your hand if you don’t want them wrapped around your hand while you are doing a barbell movement.  

Why do you need it? If you want some great protection for your hands and don’t care for traditional grips, these are what you have been searching for.

When should you use it? It’s pretty obvious these products are geared for hand protection and they are best for gymnastic movements like pull-ups, bar muscle-ups and toes-to-bars.  They will protect your hands for anything using a barbell as well without being restricting or bulky.

How do you get it? HandBand Pro® v3 is available through their website and retails for $27.99.

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