Grinder's Gear Review | ROMWODWhat is it? ROMWOD (Range of Motion Workout of the Day) is a website that offers a training regimen through daily videos.  These 20 to 50 minute videos are led by co-founder Daniel Head.   Each workout has the same goal – increase range of motion, decrease recovery time, and optimize overall health and longevity.  

What do I think? I have been working ROMWOD in with my regular training for the past six months and I have seen great results.  I have never had great range of motion, and mobility was always something I shied away from because I found it both painful and boring.  With ROMWOD, you are lead by the co-founder Daniel Head.  Head does a great job with talking you through each minute of the daily routines, offering different scaling options for each position for the mobility challenged (like myself).  By adding ROMWOD into my daily routine, the common ROMWOD positions have gotten much easier for me.  At first, it felt like Head was torturing me, having me hold an “extended arm lizard” or a “standing straddle” for what felt like an eternity.  However over time, my range of motion has improved greatly and I am now able to relax in these different poses as opposed to struggling through them.  This increased range of motion has also helped me immensely my daily training, specifically by helping me get into more optimal positions with gymnastic movements and olympic lifts.    

Why do you need it? ROMWOD helps you obtain the range of motion you need in many gymnastics, olympic and powerlifting movements.  In order to perform these movements at the highest efficiency, a great deal of mobility and flexibility is needed.  Without it, your progress in these movements may be stunted and your risk of injury improves greatly. ROMWOD helps get you to where you need to be to prevent this from happening. ROMWOD also helps aid recovery.  If you want to train at a high intensity on a consistent basis and still see gains, you need to be able to recover.  

Grinder's Gear Review | ROMWODWhen should you use it?ROMWOD can and should be used every day. They can be done before or after your workout. (I prefer before) Most daily ROMWOD’s are around twenty minutes long. This makes it easy to add to your daily routine.  Every Thursday (for many, a “rest” day) there is a “Warrior” routine that usually last around 45 minutes.  Every day of the week is optimal, but like anything else, you get out what you put in.  Doing ROMWOD two or three times a week will help you get results.  However you will see greater results faster by doing ROMWOD five or six days a week.  

How do you get it? To start a ROMWOD account go to  You will have the option to start an account as an “Athlete” or an “Affiliate.” Both options provide you with daily programming from the ROMWOD experts, as well as giving you access to their “skill wods” and pose breakdown library.  As an “affiliate” you have the ability to stream the ROMWOD videos in a class setting.  Being an affiliate owner, I have found this feature to be very useful. The Athlete account is $13.95/month, however you may try a 7 day free trial. The Affiliate account is $24.95/month.

(Review provided by Brian Chandler, L2 Trainer – Capital City CrossFit)



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