What is it? Trigger Point Therapy rollers are built for kneading out sore and aching spots that a conventional “foam roller” can’t reach.  The versatile design has multiple surfaces and can really be used in multiple ways.  If you are needing to dig in for some pressure on your back, legs, glutes, shoulders or feet, these products will make a huge difference.

What do I think? I started to use these a few years ago when I was having chronic lower back issues.  I will say they are not for the “faint of heart,” meaning you need to build up your tolerance to a firm roller first before just plopping down and letting this thing plow through your backside. The rollers come in various firmness levels and you probably should start with the softer versions if you’re not accustomed to something like a lacrosse ball or deep tissue massages.

Why do you need it? If you have been fumbling around with lacrosse balls or if you feel like your current roller just isn’t cutting it in terms of really digging into your problem areas, step up to the next level with these.

When should you use it? Daily maintenance for mobility and minor soreness due to training can more easily be managed by using the rollers. I’ve also used them while competing at local events to stay loose between event.

How do you get it? TriggerPoint sells them in a variety of colors and firmness levels right on their site and the retail from the Nano Foot Roller at $24.99 to the Grid 2.0 Foam Roller at $64.99.

TriggerPoint Rollers | Grinder's Gear Review

Firm rollers that help to dig in for some deep tissue relief.


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