Grinder's Gear Review | Reebok Nano 8What is it? Here is the description of the Reebok Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 from Reebok’s site: Since 2010, Reebok and CrossFit athletes have forged the Nano through sweat, testing, re-designing and re-testing to create the most versatile and dependable CrossFit shoe on the market. As the limits of physical capacity are pushed further every year, Reebok continues to innovate the Nano to meet the increasing demands of some of the world’s fittest athletes. No shoe has done more box jumps, DU’s, cleans, and WODs. The Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 implements Reebok’s latest upper technology innovation – Flexweave. Flexweave is a fully engineered woven technology providing enhanced breathability, flexibility and durability. This new feature and an updated bootie construction within the shoe to provide unmatched comfort.

  • Durable comfort: Flexweave upper provides breathability, stability, and durability
  • Innovative Versatility: Dual-density midsole for enhanced comfort and flexibility in the forefoot
  • Strong foundation: wide toe box for comfortable fit and powerful movements
  • Ultimate stability: minimal drop outsole provides secure footing
  • Fabrication: the figure 8 construction of Flexweave provides targeted zones of breathability and durability
  • RopePro allows for maximum traction and protection during rope climbs
  • Low-cut design for freedom of motion and quicker transitions
  • Designed for CrossFit
  • Imported

What do I think? I’m comfortable making this statement: I didn’t think Reebok could make a shoe that would replace the Nano 2 as my all-time favorite; this might just be that shoe. I mentioned to someone the other day that I don’t even know where Reebok could go from here.  I feel as though they will just make the 8 in a variety of styles and colors, but essentially need to just remake this shoe. For my money, the fit, function and comfort (yes I said comfort) is unmatched by any CrossFit or functional fitness shoe that I have ever worn. The Flexweave upgrade is phenomenal. It creates a solid upper while remaining light and versatile for all kinds of movements. But the addition of the “updated bootie construction,” which was originally rolled out with the women’s Grace TR shoe, is a game changer. It’s impressive to have a CrossFit shoe that you can do anything from Grace to Fran to 100 burpees in with comfort and support and then want to put the same shoe right back on your foot for a night at the local pub. Simply put: you need to get this shoe on your foot and you need to workout in it. After a big miss (in my opinion) with the 7 (to be fair, the 7 Weaves are a good shoe), Reebok has definitely thrown down it’s mark as the shoe to beat with the Nano 8.

Why do you need it & when should you use it? If you have ever enjoyed any of Reebok’s Nano series, the is THE shoe for this line. Don’t Grinder's Gear Review | Reebok Nano 8discount the fact that CrossFit shoes designed and updated by some of the top CrossFit athletes is a big factor in this newest version. All workouts and movements is when you should use this Nano.

How do you get it? There is no doubt that the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 will be everywhere during the Open, Regionals and Games. For now, you can order them directly from Reebok. The Nano 8 retails for the standard $130 price tag.

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