What is it? Hand Armor Liquid Chalk combines the protection and added grip from regular chalk without all the dust and mess. Aside from saving you trip after trip to the chalk bucket during your WOD, Hand Armor is antibacterial, last longer on your hands, provides a better grip and can even help to prevent blisters.

Grinder's Gear Review | Hand Armor Liquid Chalk What do I think? This is the first time I’ve ever tried out a liquid chalk product.  I was completely fascinated by this product because when I squeezed it out into my palm, it reminded me more of hand sanitizer than a training product.  I rubbed it in, shook my hands to let it react to the air and watched in amazement as it turned white. It’s a very incredible product and I’ve found that it does all the things it claims to do.

Why do you need it? If you use chalk a lot, this is a great product.  Not only will it save you from rechalking during your training but it will protect your hands as well without getting all over the place or all over your clothes.

When should you use it? Any workout in which you would normally chalk up would work.  Pull-ups, kettlebell swings and any barbell movements are all excellent for this liquid magic.  

How do you get it? Hand Armor Liquid Chalk is available straight from their website and the 2 oz. travel size version I tried out retails for $6.95 but it comes in an array of sizes and prices.Grinder's Gear Review | Hand Armor Liquid Chalk

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