What is it? Former USA bobsledder Mickey Dollens created these because the knee sleeves used by him and his teammates were not doing the job or keeping their knees warm.  Tree Trunx are 7mm thick foam knee sleeves that give your knees support and warmth while remaining flexible to wear during any kind of training. As an added bonus, Tree Trunx plants a tree for every pair of sleeves they sell.

Tree Trunx | Grinder's Gear ReviewWhat do I think? These are great.  I’ve used a variety of different knee sleeves in the past few years.  I love the look and feel of these.  I don’t know that I’d grab for any other pair on a squat or olympic lifting day.  They are not ideal if you are doing high volume running in a workout or things like toes-to-bars and rowing.  Easy to pull on and off during training and competing.

Why do you need it? If you are looking for a great pair of sturdy knee sleeves for about half the cost and also a company who supports the environment by planting trees, these are perfect.

When should you use it? They will work for any workout but I love them the most for squat sessions (especially front or back squats) and Olympic lifts.

How do you get it? Knee sleeves by Tree Trunx are ordered right off their site and retail for $44.95.  They come in black only at the time of this review.

by James Toland – Grinder’s Gear Review

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