What is it? Original Nutritionals (ON) is a California company that specializes in two things: kick ass, pure-form liquid Fish Oil and high quality organic Nut Butter.  ON is a company that believes if you are going to do something, do it well.  So, Grinder’s Gear Review took a look at both products and tested them out for taste and ingredients. Grinder's Gear Review | Original Nutritionals

What do I think? My initial reaction was, “no, I’m not drinking liquid Fish Oil.” But I decided to get past the mental hang-ups and give it a try.  I was completely amazed at how light it tasted (hard to describe, imagine drinking liquid air) and the absence of a heavy-fishy taste.  ON Fish Oil Performance O3 and Functional O3 both have a nice citrus taste to them and don’t make you gag. They are a great way to get direct fish oil and even don’t produce the dreaded “fish burps.” The Coco Java Nut Butter is just all-around excellent with a smooth nutty texture and lovely bits of ground up coffee beans. Nut butter, coffee taste and clean protein: what’s not to love?

Why do you need it? I’ve been taking Fish Oil pills since I began CrossFit training 5 years ago in various forms and doses and from various companies.  ON has an excellent way to ingest Fish Oil in its most clean and direct form; as an oil. Great to use for recovery and heart-health.  The Coco Java Nut Butter is tasty and easy to use for some quick, clean, protein with a little caffeine pick-me-up.

When should you use it? The Fish Oils (Performance and Functional O3) can be taken a couple of times a day. I would recommend taking them with a snack but I know people add them to their drinks.  I did not enjoy the O3 in my coffee, but then again I usually don’t add things to my coffee.  The Coco Java is a kick ass snack.  There is no bad time to slam one of these delicious packets (maybe not mid-Fran).

How do you get it? If you’re in Venice, California, stop by DEUCE Gym and grab some.  On the off chance you aren’t, the Original Nutritionals website will be able to get you anything you need. Performance O3 retails for $35.99, Functional O3 comes in two sizes – 500 ml for $49.99 and the 200 ml for $24.99.  The Coco Java Nut Butter come in a 5-pack and sell for $10.99.

Grinder's Gear Review | Original Nutritionals

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