What is it? It’s October and pumpkin patches are being overrun by the Pinterest lovin’ ladies clad in scarves, yoga pants and fleece pullovers while the spend 20 minutes between photos trying to figure out which filter will look the best for their newest Fall selfie.  RXBAR has joined the pumpkin spice craze with a new, all-natural bar. Always made of simple, clean ingredients, RXBAR’s newest addition combines simple items like eggs, almonds, dates, pumpkin and spices into what is soon to become a fall favorite.  Grinder's Gear Review | RX Bar

What do I think? I’ve enjoyed RXBARs for years and this might be the most delicious bar they have ever made. I always thought it was going to be impossible for them to beat their Coconut Chocolate bar, but this one is excellent in both taste and texture. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or what is currently “trendy,” this is one delicious product.  Oh yeah, it has some great, clean protein also.

Why do you need it? If you are looking for an all-natural gluten free bar that’s not loaded with extra sugars or heavily processed, this is exactly what you’ve been searching for. I enjoy all of RXBAR’s products and for the quality of their ingredients, and compared to cost of other protein bars, they are reasonably priced.

When should you use it? Post workout would be a great time to enjoy one.  A majority of the time I’ll use RXBAR a mid afternoon snack or as a treat or dessert as a healthier option to getting an early start on Halloween candy or treats.

Grinder's Gear Review | RX BarHow do you get it? If you don’t already sell them at your box, or can’t grab some at a local fitness competition or Regional event, you can order them directly from RXBAR.  They ship very quickly and a box of 12 will cost you $25.99.

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