Grinder's Gear Review | ASRXWhat is it? ASRX has come out with their new Athleisure line that includes product geared towards the athlete looking to dress more casual. I tried out the Jogger sweatpants and Premium Thumbhole Zip Hoodie. The Joggers are becoming a more popular style recently, and having owned a few pairs from other brands, I was curious how these would stack up against the competition. Also, since hoodies are included as a piece in my daily outfits, I was happy to find out if the new ASRX version would find its way into my regular rotation.

What do I think? The Joggers are thicker than others that I’ve owned, and I liked that especially because they don’t stretch out like thinner fabrics would, and it makes them incredibly warm. They are form fitting with a tapered leg, and are much more stylish than your average baggy sweatpants. The hoodie is also made up of a thicker material including thumbholes and a scuba style hood which came in handy when I wore it running a few miles outside in the middle of Iowa’s chilly winter weather.

Why do you need it? Get the Joggers to replace that gross pair of sweats that you’ve had since high school. These are cute and comfortable. If you’re looking for a well-made high quality hoodie that won’t break the bank, you need the Premium Thumbhole Zip.

Grinder's Gear Review | ASRXWhen should you use it? I’ve spent a lot of time in the Joggers since I got them, but I don’t think these are pants I would work out in. I mostly wear them around the house, and I’m looking forward to throwing these over shorts before and after workouts this spring. The hoodie is perfect for running outside in the winter, especially when it’s windy. It blocks wind pretty well and it zips all the way up to your chin to cover Grinder's Gear Review | ASRXyour neck from the cold.

How do you get it? You’ll probably find these in the ASRX tent at Regionals and the Games this summer, but until then you can check them out on their website with the rest of their Athleisure line. The Joggers retail for $54.99 and you can find the Premium Thumbhole Zip hoodie for $49.99. Read what we thought about some of their other gear, including the ASRX Lift Capri.


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