Grinder's Gear Review | Butcher BoxWhat is it? Butcher Box is an interesting company who prides themselves on making and selling quality products.  Here’s how they describe their meats: “Our beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished, our chicken is free range organic, and our pork is heritage breed. All of our animals are humanely raised and free of antibiotics and hormones. We feature either a new farm or a new product every month. And always include a note from the butcher describing the featured cuts and farms. We take our meat seriously here, and we are continually working with our suppliers to provide you the best possible value.”

What do I think?I have bought other meats that have come prepackaged and frozen before and was not impressed. I was interested by the concept of Butcher Box and was happy when they had contacted me about doing a review. I got a whole box of meats: bacon, chicken, sirloin, strip steaks, pork. From what I read about the company and the information I was very optimistic about the taste and quality. The first thing I tried was the bacon. I can say this, the first bite almost buckled my knees. The best bacon I’ve probably ever eaten. As I made my way through the box, I was very happy with each thing I cooked up. The steaks were full of flavor and tender, the chicken was firm and juicy. It was all great. I will say the ground beef patties weren’t my favorite, but otherwise, I would highly recommend investing in all their products.

Why do you need it & when should you use it? If you are looking for grass fed beef and free range chicken delivered to your door, check Butcher Box out. You can mix and match and customize the products you want and they stay frozen throughout the shipping process and can even stay on your doorstep for 24 hours in their custom insulated bag and shipping box.  

How do you get it? Butcher Box is available online and ships out all over. You can customize your order, but their base boxes start at $129 Grinder's Gear Review | Butcher Box(they equate that to $6 a meal).  You can also order gift boxes starting at $135.

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