What is it? Bear KompleX is a relatively new company which produces grips for both gymnastic type of movements (think toes-to-bar and pull-ups) and grips which are CrossFit and lifting specific (think hand protection for your palms for deadlifts, cleans and snatching). These grips are designed by CrossFit athletes to address on two goals: helping to eliminate palm rips due to barbell and training tears and making adjustable, comfortable Velcro wrist straps with buckles that don’t dig into your wrists while performing your movements.  

Grinder's Gear Review | Bear KompleXWhat do I think? I have tried a variety of grips from other companies in my past five and a half years doing CrossFit. In general, I have not found a set of grips that had leather on them and re-adjustable straps that I have liked at all (mostly sticking to tape based grips, pun intended). These really do a good job in the two areas for which I need them: protecting my hands on the pull-up bar and moving well enough to transition from one movement to the next without pulling or digging into my hands or wrists. Case in point would be a workout we did with toes-to-bar and handstand push-ups. The Bear KompleX grips did a great job helping me to hold on to the rig for the toes-to-bar but did not pinch or annoy me as I kept them on during the HSPUs. Great product.

Why do you need it? In this day and age of grips and hand protection, if you tear your palms, it is completely your fault. The Bear KompleX grips do great job keeping the skin on the palm of your hands intact yet are comfortable enough to wear while you lift.

When should you use it? ANY time you have high volume sets of pull-ups, muscle-ups or toes-to-bars, use these. They will also be great for cleans, deadlifts or even non-barbell movements like wall balls.

How do you get it? Contact the people at Bear KompleX through their site. They are very nice folks and will get back to you about any questions you might have in terms of fit or product information.  The two grips I trained in were priced at $29.98 for the Tan 2-Hole Gymnastic Grips and $34.98 per pair for the 3-Hole Hand Grips.  Grinder's Gear Review | Bear KompleX

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