What is it? LiveSore Arctic Camo WOD shorts are dye-sublimated. This means the design is built into the fabric so that it won’t wear off. Sean, from LiveSore Apparel, has wanted to produce his own shorts for a long time and not rely on a third party vendor for the manufacturing side.  This is one of LiveSore first prints in their four-way stretch WOD shorts.

What do I think? So I’ve had and worn other shorts from LiveSore and I really liked them but these have an all-around better look and feel than any of the other ones I’ve trained in. I feel that the fabric of these is lighter, but didn’t feel or appear thin or flimsy in any way.  The T-velco area that closes the shorts is strong and sturdy and the pair moves well during training and doesn’t bunch up or rub during movements.

liversore-digital-arctic-shorts-grinders-gear-review-Why do you need it? If you’re looking for a great WOD short and like the look and feel of the four-way stretch design, these are a great pair to pick up.

When should you use it? Like any WOD short, there really isn’t a bad time to wear these.  Excellent for running, box jumps, wall balls but move great in all manner of squatting movements as well.

How do you get it? LiveSore has been known to pop up from time to time at events in and around California (where they are based).  Check them out directly on their site to pick up these or other products.  The shorts featured for this review retail for $54.95. Checkout or “Discounts” link for a Grinder’s code!


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