Grinder's Gear Review | WorktWhat is it? This is the product description via the Workt website:  “Workt Knee Sleeves exclusively use the patented Ecoprene technology, which allows for better insulated heat, increased stretch, and an almost waterproof product (98% impermeable). The result of using Ecoprene: the most uniquely durable knee sleeve that can protect & strengthen your joints while maintaining incredible mobility. Knee sleeves are known for slipping, over-stretching, their mildew smell, and uncomfortable rubbery feel—even though they’re a WOD necessity. Ecoprene™ technology avoids these issues altogether.”

What do I think? At a certain point, to me, knee sleeves are knee sleeves are knee sleeves. As a 40-44 Master’s athlete I can appreciate the support and confidence that comes along with wearing a good pair of knee sleeves. When I had a chance to test out Workt’s knee sleeves, I was interested, but wasn’t overly enthusiastic. These really do separate themselves from other brands. I didn’t fully understand all the hype about the Ecoprene being used in this product, until I put them on and started squatting in them. Think of it as having a high quality knee sleeve with an almost scuba wetsuit material inside that gives you great support and flexibility. I normally wear knee sleeves in a large size but I can get into both the large and medium versions of this product. Word to the wise: unlike other sleeves, if these get sweaty before you pull them onto your knees, be ready to battle pulling them up.

Why do you need it?  If you are wanting to invest in some high-end knee sleeves or if you need more support than the standard sleeves, check out Workt. There are a lot of brands out there and so many quality options.  Workt is a product that distinguishes itself from the others by using a higher quality of material.Grinder's Gear Review | Workt

When should you use it? Excellent for squatting and olympic lifting (snatch and clean and jerks, especially if you are proficient enough to execute these lifts in a full squat range of motion). I haven’t used these for running workouts but I’d think that they would work fine for that. 

How do you get it? Workt sells a whole selection of sizes, colors, thicknesses and designs on their website. Be aware that they are sold in singles and that you obviously should order two, since you have two knees. The products I tested retail at $37.99 each.

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