What is it? King Kong Apparel makes some of the top gym bags in the world. Their goal (per their website): “Simply to make bags and gear that our customers love! High quality, high durability, high design, functional gym and lifestyle baGrinder's Gear Review | King Kong Bag 3gs for health and fitness enthusiasts loving their active lifestyle. Gear that’s King Kong Apparel made gets you utmost enjoyment from your dynamic lifestyle.”

What do I think? I had never owned an actual “gym bag” before I got the The Original King Kong Bag 3.0. The amount of space and different compartments (for lack of a better term) was impressive, but I could tell that they pay attention to what people NEED in a gym bag. There are two zipper pockets (that’s right, two) on the side of the bag which are incredibly easy to get shoes in and out of and don’t take up all the internal space when you use them.  Why two? One for your CrossFit shoes and one for your lifters, of course.  Brilliant design! The space inside was plenty big enough for a hoodie, towel, change of shirt, sweats and shaker bottle even with the shoe storage areas being filled. Also there are pouches on the side for storage and organization of your keys, phone, wallet, snacks and whatever else you need to put away securely while you train.

Why do you need it? If you are like me and transition to or from work and need to bring work clothes and workout clothes, this will address all your needs. Sturdy and functional, you will be able to use this bag to organize your workout and professional life for years to come.

When should you use it? I haven’t used this for traveling yet, but I’ll give it a go starting this January.  I would assume it travels well as both a carry on and functionally as luggage.  Aside from that, it obviously has become my standard bag for transporting my gear to and from the box.

How do you get it? King Kong (the company, not the city-destroying gorilla) has popped up from time to time at fitness competitions, but you can get this bag and many others on their site. Bags range from $99.95 to $149.95.  The Original King Kong Bag 3.0 which I reviewed is priced at $125.95. For a limited time, you can save 10% by using code: XMAS10OFF at checkout. 
Grinder's Gear Review | King Kong Bag 3

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