What is it? Berry Legit by Kill Cliff is the newest flavor to this very popular drink company. Based out of Atlanta, GA, Kill Cliff consistently makes great tasting products that aid in recovery and are awesome to enjoy during anytime of the day or night.  Berry Legit keeps the tradition of great tasting, quality products going. It’s sugar free and gluten free and gives you all the micro-nutrients you need to aid in recovery.

What do I think? When I first tried it, I was anticipating more berry and less lemonade.  The thing that stuck my taste buds the first time was the nice blend of sour and sweet.  It left me with a tongue smacking the roof of my mouth over and over, wanting more.

Why do you need it? If I’m going to use a recovery drink over and over, I need it to taste right.  There’s just something about Kill Cliff that struck me from the first sip.  The newest member, Berry Legit (blackberry lemonade), is forcing me to deal with a new issue . . . how to limit the number I drink a day.

When should you use it? I love these drinks any time, but I honestly use them to motivate myself to finish my CrossFit workout.  I think, “ok, only five more hang power cleans in this last set, then I can have a Kill Cliff.” Always is so refreshing and tastes so good after I get done training.

How do you get it? Kill Cliff is available for sale at a ton of different locations (including our Grinder’s Gear Review links in this review) from GNC to Vitamin Shoppe to Flying-J truck stops to even some Walmart stores in a handful of states. Prices and can selections vary but you can scope out drinks from the Kill Cliff site.  Kill Cliff Berry Legit | Grinder's Gear Review


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