What is it? Kill Cliff jumped into the protein bar arena last summer by unleashing four KC Bars during the 2014 CrossFit Games. At the time they sold and gave away bars in the hot California sun and one of the biggest complaints was not about the taste, but the gummy texture was repeatedly sticking to the wrapper.  When the product formally relaunched later in 2014, not only was the sticky wrapper issue addressed, but the bars tasted even better.

What do I think? These bars are like having dessert without freaking out that you might have just undone all of your hard work at the gym.  In four flavors: Strawberry & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Salted Caramel & Almond and Mocha Almond Brownie, the KC Bars give you the impression of a sweet treat, without all the calories, carbs and sugars you don’t want. Favorite flavor is Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Why do you need it? You can’t go wrong enjoying a great tasting protein bar that gives you all the things you want, is delicious and doesn’t try to sneak in chemicals and sugars. KCBar | Grinder's Gear Review

When should you use it? Protein on the go is a big deal in most of our lives.  These are a great snack in the afternoon or dessert right after dinner but I have used them as meal replacements in a pinch and they work well as needed.

How do you get it? There are a ton of CrossFit affiliates around the world that sell KC Bars as well as a variety of health stores.  You can pick some up directly from Kill Cliff and they retail for about $3 per bar (depending on where you buy them) or you can get a box of 12 for $29 or 24 bars for $54.


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