Grinder's Gear Review | KASPWhat is it? KASP knee sleeves are a new product from KASP media based out of Michigan and was just released in December of 2015.  Here are some of the details: 7MM MATERIAL: The best quality neoprene with triple stitching for a longer lifespan compared to other knee sleeve brands & manufacturers, sold as a pair, UNIQUE FEATURES: Fits both men & women – Keeps knees warm & ready for any activity – Brace support effect without the stiffness – Protects knee caps from stress impact and the are PERFECT FOR: Reducing the chances of a painful injury during activities & a faster rehabilitation after sustaining an injury.

What do I think? I have worn and trained in a lot of different brands of knee sleeves and these are really some of the best. The first pair I ordered were medium, because I don’t have the biggest legs. Depending on the product and company I can wear either a medium or large so I went for a tighter fit.  It was too tight. Once the large size arrived, I was able to use these in a wide variety of training for CrossFit and they fit great. These sleeves have awesome stretch and comfort and support your knees. They are extremely versatile and one of the best products I’ve trained in that aid with squats but don’t become intrusive or annoying when you transition into cardio work like running, box jumps or double-unders.

Why do you need it? Any type of training you need to do that would lend itself to additional support for your knees, these are perfect. If you are looking for some great knee sleeves at a reasonable price, these will be a great fit, in all sense of the word.

When should you use it? Great for squats and weightlifting, I found them equally useful in doing all the overhead walking lunges for workout 16.1 of the CrossFit Open. Not only did they help to pad my knee caps each time, but they gave me a lot more confidence and added support throughout that 20 minute AMRAP.

How do you get it? While KASP does have their own site, they are easy to find on this link on Amazon. You can check out the price on Amazon, currently $49.95 if you have Amazon Prime and you can enter the discount code: 5CLSLXEG to save even more. Grinder's Gear Review | KASP

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