What is it? Relentless Jeans is a company that makes jeans for people with athletic builds. Many athletes, from Games vets to everyday grinders, find it difficult to be bulkier in the legs and backside and be able to find a good fit in a pair of jeans. Usually this leaves them with two options: wear jeans that are very tight everywhere or some that are looser around the legs but too big in the waist. Relentless has developed what they call the “Holy Grail of Denim.” They are so good that the Champ, Rich Froning endorses them.

What do I think? I couldn’t imagine what the big deal was about these jeans.  Out of the package, they looked and felt like any other jeans I’d worn before.  The sizing is weird and even though I normally wear between a 32-34 in. waist, they insisted on sending me a 29 and 30.  I had low expectations that they would fit.  But to my surprise, they fit great. Then, I lowered my self into a squat and that’s when everything changed.  The denim on these pants moved around my legs and butt and stretched out with comfort and ease.  Simply put, it was an amazing experience.

Why do you need it? If you have struggled for years to find a good fitting pair of jeans because you have athletic legs and glutes, you need to get a pair of these and try them for yourself.

When should you use it? In all honesty, these are my everyday jeans.  They fit great and the only knock I have on them is that if you have a bigger phone (iPhone 6 Plus for example) the pockets don’t really accommodate them very well.  Otherwise, they are a great fit in any situation.

How do you get it? I know Relentless has popped up at various comps throughout the winter and will be at some of the Regionals as well.  For now you can use Grinder’s Gear Review to go to their site and grab a pair.  Relentless is coming out with new styles and designs but the ones I have retail for $98 and are worth the money. Relentless Jeans | Grinder's Gear Review


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