Grinder's Gear Review | 2POOD v 4 Dark Horse What is it? 2POOD v. 4.0 Dark Horse shorts are the latest product from the always entertaining 2POOD Labs. Labeled v.4.0 (meaning version 4 of their very popular shorts) the Dark Horse is described on their site as possessing, “. . . 4 way stretch with lycra underside for maximum flexibility and comfort.  Dual side zippered pockets are completely internal.  Laces waist fastener.”

What do I think? Not all shorts are created equally. 2POOD makes several products, but what they do well (arguably as good or better than any other company) is make great shorts. The v. 4.0 Dark Horse is no exception.  Know this, these are not your typical WOD shorts.  They are shorter in the leg than what most athletes would consider a “standard length”. The trend in men’s shorts right now is . . . shorter.  Grinder’s Gear Review asked 2POOD about the 4.0 length and their response was, “they’re shorter. That’s the direction we’re heading. Always out in front, setting trends.” With 2POOD’s track record with making popular shorts, there was no reason to doubt it.

Why do you need it? If you are after a great fitting and stylish pair of shorts to train in, these will be the answer to your search. While the v. 4.0 are the only style I’ve tried, I’ve heard nothing but good things about all of 2POOD’s products.

When should you use it? Despite being a “touch” shorter than my normal shorts, the fit and feel of these were excellent.  If you are doing a workout with high reps of wall balls, for example, I can’t image a better product.  So lightweight that you’ll forget they’re on but tough and sturdy enough to survive anything you might throw at them.

How do you get it? 2POOD has been available from local comps, to Regionals, to the CrossFit Games for years.  If you can’t get access to them any of those places, the 2POOD website has all their latest and greatest.  At $63.99, the Dark Horse is going to cost more than a typical pair of store-bought gym shorts, but you’ll appreciate the product for the extra money you invest in them. Grinder's Gear Review | 2POOD v 4 Dark Horse

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