Grinder's Gear Review | HYLETEWhat is it? As described on their website, “the HYLETE Icon Quad-Blend Muscle Tee delivers a super comfortable, athletic fit. The modified shoulder width provides unrestricted shoulder mobility while HYLETE’s proprietary quad-blend fabric supplies you optimal stretch and resiliency.”

What do I think? I know you’re probably thinking that because I’m such an amazing athlete, I prone to wearing muscle shirts and tanks, all the time. This assumption is not correct. Most of the tanks and sleeveless shirts I’ve worn are have a tendency to not fit the way they should, sometimes sagging under the arms or being too tight in the shoulders and then too loose around the waist. I really loved the look, fit and feel of this Icon Quad-Blend Muscle Tee. The material is incredibly comfortable and it remains true-to-fit around the top of the shoulder and under the arm while not being too tight or restricting your arm’s range of motion in any way.

Why do you need it? If you are in good shape, but don’t exactly look like a fitness model, this might be a great solution if you hate sleeves. If you want to take your shirt off during a long, grinding WOD, but you might be insecure about your physique compared to some of your fellow classmates, this will free your arms up without having to expose your bare midsection and chest to the gym.

When should you use it? Hot days would be the ideal condition for this shirt, but wearing it in the fall or winter would also be great because it fits well around the torso while giving your arms and shoulders unrestricted movement.

Grinder's Gear Review | HYLETEHow do you get it? HYLETE is sold through their site and you can check out the link to our DISCOUNTS page to save some money on your first order too. The HYLETE Icon Quad-Blend Muscle Tee retails for $50.00.

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