What is it? Here is a description of Hitechplates from American Barbel The cornerstone to any weightlifting program, Hitechplates arrived in the marketplace and made an impact to the weightlifting community. For a decade, they have proven rugged and reliable. Hitechplates are patented light-weight plates made from a composite material of recycled plastic. The material makes them very light while being identical in shape to Olympic-sized plates. This allows the teaching of technique without the added weight. The material also makes them unbreakable, surviving thousands of drops if used correctly. There is no need to clean or paint Hitechplates – they arrive with a chalky and one piece construction. The recycled plastic used in Hitechplates are made in America, which reduces the Earth’s landfills, transforming waste into STRENGTH, while reducing costs. Hitechplates are not only for weightlifters, they enhance the movement of ALL athletes. 

What do I think? At my first USAW meet they used very high end training plates on a technique bar for the youth level.  Those plates are great but very expensive.  At my next meet, in the warm-up room they had HiTech plates for technique training.  My dad let me get these because they don’t cost as much but still help me train safely. I think they look good and have a good hard feel. When it lands it doesn’t bounce like bumper plates. It hits the ground and makes a loud sound. 

Why do you need it & when should you use it? I like to use them for warmup. Youth lifters starting out are challenged that lightweight plates are not as wide, so the bar sits close to the floor making it hard to train technique. The plates I have are 2.5 kilograms. When I do warmup sets with these plates the bar sits at the regular height for lifting. 

How do you get it? The Hitechplates site includes a “Buy Plates” link that takes you directly to their item listing on the American Barbell online store. The current retail price is $135 per pair for the charcoal 2.5 kg. If you would like to try before you buy, they are available at many CrossFit boxes around the globe. 

Emery Greene is 10 years old and has been doing CrossFit for 3 years. He also plays Football, Basketball, and attends Gymnastics class. He consistently makes the honor role at Farmingdale Elementary.

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