What is it? Hand Armor Chalk started as the alternative to traditional lifting and gymnastics chalk. But now they were all-in in the chalk game too. Here’s how they are describing their foray into block chalk: “Hand Armor Block Chalk has the highest-density Magnesium Carbonate of Hand Armor Chalk | Grinder's Gear Reviewany imported chalk on the market. The official chalk of USA Weightlifting. Used by professional teams and athletes, in a variety of sports, from weightlifting, and powerlifting, to rock climbing and more! Comes with eight 2 oz blocks.”

What do I think? First impression . . . it’s chalk. I liked that this went on smooth, even if your hands were sweaty already during a workout. It seems more durable if you are in the middle of a workout and need to toss it in a bucket. Don’t get me wrong, it will still crumble if you were to spike it like a football, but it doesn’t chip away like most block chalk. It seems less dusty, if that make sense. This chalk seems to produce less of a cloud during use as though it just goes from the block to your hands, and that’s it. Stays on well during your workout and helps to grip the bar, dumbbell, kettlebell or barbell while protecting your hands.

Why do you need it & when should you use it? If you love chalk and prefer chalk that stays more on your hands and less all over the floor, bar and your clothes, this is a good chalk to get.

How do you get it? Order Hand Armor Block Chalk in various forms on their site. The 1 lb. box that I got is on sale for $14.95.

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