Grinder's Gear Review | Kill Cliff Mojo RisingWhat is it? Kill Cliff, makers of excellent recovery drinks and protein bars, has branched out into a new market: cold brew coffee drinks. Their website explains, “(Kill Cliff) spent 24 hours slow brewing this killer cold brew just for you. You want it strong with a wash of smoothness. You want 100% super premium Arabica beans without the barista banter.” Available in three flavors, Epic Mojo (black cold brew coffee), Sweet Mojo (cold brew flavor with a hint of sweetness) and Mojo Rising (Fair Trade coffee, cold brewed with coconut milk added for creaminess).

What do I think? When I first started to see some teaser pictures on social media right before the CrossFit Games, I wasn’t sure what to think.  Kill Cliff makes the best tasting recovery drinks around but I was unclear as to how coffee would fit into their mix of products.  Always the innovators, Kill Cliff took Fair Trade cold brew coffee, canned it and made it a convenient and affordable beverage for athletes on the go. I had the chance to try all three kinds and the Mojo Rising is easily my favorite flavor. The added creaminess of the coconut milk makes this the best of the coffee drinks, in my opinion.

Why do you need it? If you want some cold brew and you are tired of spending $4-$5 a cup and waiting in line at your local coffee shop, these are great drinks to fill that void in your morning. These drinks are a great way to start your day or get you through the afternoon on a boring Monday.

When should you use it? These aren’t designed to be recovery drinks (although they would definitely pick you up and give you a burst of energy, post workout) so I like mine in the morning to kick off the day or around 2:00 in the afternoon when I’m hitting a wall in terms of energy.

Grinder's Gear Review | Kill Cliff Mojo RisingHow do you get it? Kill Cliff is sold at all kinds of stores around the country including gas stations, Walmart and Sam’s Club (in some states) and of course online through their website. A case of Sweet Mojo costs $67 and includes free shipping. All the cold brew drinks are available in 8 and 4-packs as well.

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