What is it? Get RX’D makes all kinds of gear for your fitness training needs. I tried out the Wall Balls and Bumper Plates from this company. Key features of the wall ball are: PVC/ Nylon shell that is DOUBLE STITCHED provides you with the toughest material around, better bounce- instead of sand like traditional Wall Balls, they used rubber pellets, this provides a better filling and gives the ball a very distinctive and better bounce that comes in handy with wall ball shots, longer product life- the improved quality of materials gives the wall ball a far better range of life than any other wall ball on the market, they use an additional webbing underneath the shell to keep the balls round shape for extended periods of time/usage. The Bumper Plates feature: Dead Bounce- made with a dense virgin rubber that create a great dead bounce when they hit the floor. This means no more chasing the bar whenever heavy weight is dropped!  High Quality Rubber- roughly 20% more virgin rubber than competitors, giving the mold a tough and durable make up that can take the ongoing abuse that comes with anGrinder's Gear Review | Get RX'dy fitness regimen. wider rims on 10/15 so that they don’t “waffle or taco” easily with the load of 45LB bar. Higher Shore A Durometer rating as well so they are harder material to also prevent “waffling.”

What do I think? While I certainly have not tried all the products that Get RX’D makes, these two have been tremendous. The Wall Ball has an awesome feel to it. Considering the fact that when people usually have a Wall Ball in their hands, the last thing they worry about is how it feels, this one is so nice it will actually make you take notice. The difference, to me, is the grip of the outer layer. It makes such a difference when you can catch the toss and not have it slip all over in your hands as you heave it back up to your target. The bumper plates as so solid and well constructed, I would love to have a full set. I got the 15’s and that can be an issue with dropping thinner plates from overhead lifts.  The dead drop  

Why do you need it? Everyone needs great equipment to train with. While there are no shortage of companies who manufacture training gear for CrossFit workouts, Get RX’D is at the top of the list in terms of quality and durability (so far). From the quality I’ve seen from these two items, I’m very interested to try out all the equipment from this company.

When should you use it? Any Wall Ball based workouts or workouts featuring bumper plates.  Karen and Randy are two workouts that come to mind.

Grinder's Gear Review | Get RX'DHow do you get it? Get RX’D gear is available through their site. The Wall Ball featured in this review sells for $85 and the bumper plates are $29.25 each for 15 lb. plates.


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