What is it? Freeze Sleeve’s product description explains it perfectly.

Revolutionary cold therapy and compression sleeve for sore muscles and joints.  

  • SIMPLE – The easy slip on process eliminates the need for messy ice bags, cumbersome wraps and multi-step products on the market today.
  • COVERAGE – 360 degrees of even compression coverage, and also allows full range of motion to the user.
  • TREATMENT – Provides the recommended 20 minutes of cold therapy treatment, without risk of burning or damaging the skin.
  • COMFORT – The compression design allows the Freeze Sleeve to be used comfortably on multiple areas of the arms and legs.
  • CLEAN – Specially formulated with antimicrobial gel that eliminates odors and is non-toxic.
  • MOBILITY – Allows the user to apply daily cold therapy compression treatment on the go whenever and wherever you are!”

What do I think? I saw some people sitting around in chairs with these pink and camo sleeves on their elbows at Regionals and stopped in Grinder's Gear Review | Freeze Sleeveto see what the hell was going on. After a talk with one of the reps, I found out that although these looked like regular knee sleeves, they were actually a new product called Freeze Sleeve. The concept was very simple: a compression sleeve that goes on your knee or elbow that is freezing cold and helps with pain/recovery. I got one and took it home to freeze and try it. Initially, I did not like it. Mostly because I’m a baby and it was VERY cold (go figure, right).  But after a few minutes, it felt awesome on my knee. Once I left it on for about 15-20 minutes, my knee felt awesome. I use it all the time now. Great product, very inventive and exactly what people like me (with creaky knees) need to help with recovery.

Why do you need it & when should you use it? Very simply, it is great to wear after your workout and as a way to speed up recovery and work on nagging soreness. If you are a fan of the benefits of icing or ice baths, then this a great alternative to going through all the work and set up and also targets the specific problem areas.

How do you get it? Freeze Sleeve was featured at all of the CrossFit Games Regionals and I would guess they would be around at the CrossFit Games also. If you can’t wait until then, you can order them and other products directly off their website. The Freeze Sleeve retails for $49.00 and is worth every penny.

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