GGR Fave Five | Josh Marunde Josh “Chachi” Marunde is the drummer for the rock band Pop Evil.  In addition to his rock star life, he is an avid CrossFit athlete and one to watch in both the 2016 CrossFit Open and possible at the Regional level. As a Central East athlete, his ranking during the Open has skyrocketed the past two years even though he only started doing CrossFit in late 2013 and is constantly on the road touring the planet with his band. When he is back home, he loves spending time with his fiancee Jess and training at CrossFit 269 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Grinder’s Gear Review sat down with Chachi to find out what kind of gear and products he loves to use in his training. Here is his Fave Five:

  1. Kill Cliff – recovery drink. I drink them throughout the day, usually beginning after my WOD. Loaded with Kill Cliff Berry Legit | Grinder's Gear Reviewnatural ingredients and low on caffeine, I can dunk 2-3 and avoid jitters or crashes and remain focused throughout the day. Also, they taste amazing and contribute to the NSF (Navy Seals Foundation). LOVE THAT. 
  1. Supernova. A Kstar (Kelly Starrett) invention of recovery and mobility. This little “magic, blue ball” travels with me everywhere. I use it before and after WODs, especially for my quads, lats, calves and gut smashing. It’s makes a HUGE difference.
  1. ROMWOD. Range of motion WOD is a yin-based, passive yoga created specifically for athletes. It’s simple, short and straight to the point. Login, click “ROMWOD as RX” and just follow along to the video. In a few short weeks I’ve already seen dramatic improvements with my hips and shoulders. Passive and ok to do with WODs, so they don’t wear you out.
  1. Rogue bumper plates. I travel 300 days a year and these are always with me. I have various weights and never hesitate to thrash them on grass, dirt, gravel or 100+ degree pavement. They’re indestructible. The most
    Picture from Rogue Fitness plates available at

    Picture from Rogue Fitness plates available at

    durable piece of equipment I’ve used from one of my favorite companies in existence. These are a must.

  1. PurePharma PP3. Available in a 30 day, daily subscription, PP3 is absolutely imperative to my health and recovery. A small packet with my daily amounts of omega 3 fish oil, vitamin D and minerals M3 (necessary minerals). This is the elite when it comes to health and recovery. PurePharma is on the next level of clean, sustainable and amazing sports and health science. Take this: Everyday.


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