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Daniel Tyminski, aka Boomsauce, is one of the most widely recognized athletes in CrossFit.  From his larger-than-life personality and social media posts, to his trademark brightly colored shades, Boomsauce is not only an outgoing athlete, but one of most passionate. Tyminski missed the 2014 Games due to injury, but battled back in 2015 by placing 3rd at the East Regional and regained a spot at the CrossFit Games.

Grinder’s Gear Review sat down with Tyminski who is already prepping for another run at Carson, CA in 2016 to find out what his Fave Five items that he uses for training and recovery:

  1. AGF 4500. It’s a Velvet Deer antler from TEN Institute. It’s better than lurong. I am 29…old for CF and have been doing it for 9 years now. And without it. I honestly do not think I would be in the shape I am in now. I would be a bag of bones right now. Recovery and healing process in unbelievable. No more achy joints.

Kill Cliff Berry Legit | Grinder's Gear Review2. Kill Cliff. The most refreshing drink on a hot summer day. Since I don’t consume any alcohol this has been my replacement. I can drink up to 5 of these a day with ease and feel amazing. It’s the only acceptable form of soda on the market…hence I give it the name: CrossFit Soda. It tastes amazing. Is good for you. And the company does AMAZING things for veterans such as myself which is why I am a huge believer in the company!

3. Nike Metcons. Favorite shoe I have ever worn and I am not saying that just because I am sponsored by them. They are the most versatile shoe. I love to run in them and if I am doing a running WOD, overhead squats and snatches are easy in them. I have also PR’ed my nike-metcon-grinders-gear-reviewsnatch in them. I think that says a lot for itself.

4. Hydrocell from TEN Institute again…this a hydration formula. For some reason I tend to not drink a lot of liquids…primarily because when I do, I go to the bathroom. So with a quick squeeze into your water. The hydration levels multiply and the benefit is unreal. During competition this has probably been the best thing out there for me. I can drink it whenever I want, before, during or even after a workout.

5. Pendlay Needle bearing Barbell. I have used one now for a very long time! Its my favorite bar to use. I get mad when people from my gym use it when I am about to workout. The knurling on it has a soft but extremely ‘grippy’ feel. The bend or oscillation on it is perfect so when I squat I get that good bounce from it. And it really spins like an angel. Never have to clean it or worry about the dust.


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