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Alexandra (Alex) LaChance is a former All-American gymnast from the University of Arkansas and took the North Central Regional by storm in 2014 when she took 1st place her in first attempt as an individual athlete. As a rookie at the CrossFit Games, LaChance battled Adrenal Fatigue while competing and finished 38th overall. Now back on track with proper supplements, training and nutrition, LaChance looks to rebound stronger than ever as she prepares for the 2016 CrossFit Games season. 
Grinder’s Gear Review sat down with LaChance and talked to her about some of her Fave Five training products and gear. Here’ what she had to say:
Grinder's Gear Review | Hip Circle1. Mark Bell’s “Hip Circle”– As an elite gymnast, I lived on my toes. Tumbling, landing and balancing all took place on the toes. All quad work, all day, every day. As a CrossFitter now, I have a hard time activating my glutes and hamstrings when I lift. I literally use the Hip Circle every day in warm ups, and before every lifting session.
2. Sling Shot Protein It’s created by Mark Bell, legendary Power Lifter. I hate drinking recovery shakes after I work out because they’re always thick and make me gag. But Sling Shot Protein goes down so easy! Plus it’s got 30g of protein per scoop, which is 10g more than all the other protein powders I’ve tried.
3. Dynamic Nutrition’s Max Adrenal Supplement– After 9 years of overtraining while battling an eating disorder, I developed Adrenal Fatigue. I went from winning the 2014 North Central CrossFit Regionals and being a Games competitor, to struggling to get out of bed every day and train. I had a disastrous season grinding through workouts and dragging myself through competitions in the 2015 season. My labs showed that my hormones were all out of wack, and my cortisol levels were not even just low, they were off the charts. In addition to months of mandatory low/non-existent training volume, the Max Adrenal Supplement has been helping me feel better every day. I used to need multiple cups of coffee to make it through the day, but Max Adrenal helps me feel the effects of just one coffee a day. Use code NOPANTSLACHANCE10 for 10% off this product =)
 Grinder's Gear Review | Dynamic Nutrition
4. Dynamic Nutrition’s Max Sleep Supplement– In a healthy individual, Cortisol levels start high when you wake up, and gradually decrease throughout the day, so that you feel tired at bed time. If cortisol levels are too high at night, you will have a hard time falling asleep (normal sleep onset in 10 min). With my Adrenal Fatigue, it usually takes me a few hour to fall asleep, because my cortisol is high at night. The Max Sleep Supplement is designed to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and make the most of your sleep for optimal recovery. Use code NOPANTSLACHANCE10 for 10% off this product =)
5. The Natural Grip– With today’s volume of butterfly and kipping movements, you NEED some kind of hand protection in your workouts. Leather gymnastics grips definitely provide the most protection, but when you have barbell movements, rope climbs or rowing paired with kipping movements in a competition, you don’t have time to deal with moving bulky leather straps in and out of position. The Natural Grip can be worn for all movements, and will not hinder your grip on a barbell, rope, or rower. Grinder's Gear Review | The Natural Grips

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