Disclaimer: While the intent and design of Death Grips is to be used as a lifting strap for movements like deadlifting and barbell work, I used them and loved them as gymnastic grips. If you are looking for products from JERKFIT to be used as gymnastic grips and hand protection I would also highly recommend trying out their RAW Grips and Wodies (links in the review below). I would mention that Death Grips were not supposed to be used as gymnastic style grips.

What is it? This is the description of the Death Grips from JERKFIT from their website: “Ultra Premium Padded Lifting Straps for Dead Lifts, Pull-Ups, and Heavy Shrugs. DEATH GRIPS are the ultimate premium lifting straps PERFECTED. Sold as a pair.

  • The ULTIMATE premium lifting straps, PERFECTED (for both men and women)
  • The PERFECT accessory for maxing out DeadLifts, Pull-Ups and any pulling exercises
  • Increased grip strength for the HEAVIEST pulls, Reduced forearm fatigue by 80% to hit those last few MOST IMPORTANT reps
  • Ultra PADDED FOR EXTRA COMFORT, and WON’T cut off circulation!
  • Flawless design with an ergonomically correct shape that won’t dig into your hands or cause discomfort.”

What do I think? JERKFIT sent GGR three different sets of grips to test out. I have their Wodies, RAW Grips and the Death Grips. I haven’t had occasion to test out the Wodies quite yet, but I have spent some time using the RAW Grips and the Death Grips. The RAW Grips are solidly made and with work for solid hand protection in any workout using either a barbell or gymnastics movements (pull-ups, bar or ring muscle-ups, or toes-to-bar). These have held up nicely, but I found that they are very similar to a variety of grips from other companies in the functional fitness world. But the Death Grips . . . these are something I haven’t run across in all my time training or reviewing products.  I really didn’t think much of these right out of the package, but I was really wrong about them. These sturdy grips provide some of the best hand protection and grip that I have used for any product. There really isn’t anything else like them that I’ve tried. The rubber surface latches on and keeps your hands from sliding around on the bar. The extra ridge on the base of the fingers locks it into place but still allows for enough movement to complete any barbell lift, especially deadlifts with no interference. I really love these and give them to people to try all the time. Every time, the response is that they are very impressed with Death Grips and want to have some of their own. The only thing that you might not love is that with the y-shaped wrist straps, they can pull on your wrists a little if you don’t have them adjusted properly.

Why do you need it and when should you use it? If you have issues with grips in the past either not offering enough protection for your hands, wearing out or not offering enough support or grip during workouts, then I would highly recommend the Death Grips by JERKFIT. Any of these three products would be worth your time, money and investment, but of the three I think the Death Grips are the best product and biggest game-changer of all the JERKFIT products.

How do you get it? You might be able to snag these at the CrossFit Games or some of the Sanctionals, but ordering directly from JERKFIT is the surest way to find them. Death Grips retail for $44.95, RAW Grips are $29.95 and Wodies are $39.95.

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