What is it? Born Primitive has taken some of the pain out of your Olympic lifts. Their snatch shorts combine a high quality compression short with a padded area. What this does is protects your pubic bone region (the target spot for any properly executed Olympic lift) from painfully banging against a barbell while you are training. This way if you hit the right point of contact during your bar path, it will take some of the sting out of it.

What do I think? First and foremost, it works.  The fit is true.  I wear a 32 to 34 in. waist in pants and shorts and the large Snatch Shorts fit great in the waist and legs. The key is the padding.  This is placed in the correct anatomical spot to for optimal protection.

This is the padded area on the front for optimal support.

This is the padded area on the front for optimal support.


Why do you need it? Not only does it protect what it’s supposed to, it helps mentally but making the lifter less afraid to pull the bar into that sensitive area where it’s intended to hit.

When should you use it? If you do Olympic style lifting or CrossFit workouts that involve barbell movements which go from the ground to overhead, this is a great product.

How do you get it? Check out these and all of Born Primitive’s products on their site.  The shorts I tested retailed for $45.00.


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