What is it? The Natural Grip’s website explains what they are perfectly. “The Natural Grip is made out of a Zinc Oxide 100% cotton tape that provides excellent tensile strength and superior comfort. It has a LATEX FREE adhesive. Our cotton tape material is of a superior quality and is not able to be purchased in local athletic stores. The material used is high-quality and porous so it is NOT washable but it is breathable.”

Grinder's Gear Review | The Natural GripsWhat do I think? I NEVER liked using grips or gloves. In the past a few companies would try to send grips or I’d borrow some at the box from other CrossFitters and I never like any of them. The Natural Grips are the most comfortable and durable grips I’ve ever used. I haven’t tried every kind on the market, but for my money these are the best hand protection grips that both maintain your hold on the pull-up bar and keep your hands from tearing during workouts.

Why do you need it? If you have torn your hands during workouts, then you need The Natural Grips. As I worked at the Games and watched athlete after athlete come off the event floor with ripped hands, I couldn’t help to wonder why they just didn’t wear Natural Grips. I have no answer to that, but the ones who did, didn’t tear their hands.

When should you use it? Any time you are on a rig, especially pull-ups or toes-to-bar they are perfect. They are available in a variety of color sizes and styles, The Natural Grip will help you hold onto the bar and protect your hands from tearing. It’s that simple and it does that it says it does.

How do you get it? I’ve seen Natural Grips at all kinds of competitions and affiliates. The easiest way to them is directly from their site. The Natural Grip range from $17-$22 and can last for multiple months and uses depending how often you train with them and how you store them. Grinder's Gear Review | The Natural Grips

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