What is it? Here’s what Stealth Victory Grips site describes their product: “The STEALTH 3-Finger grips provide protection to vulnerable areas with a barehanded feel while still providing some bare skin on the bar for a mental connection.

STEALTH grips are made of a high-performance synthetic microfiber that is 3 times stronger and lighter than leather with a higher abrasion resistance. Therefore, we are able to make these grips thinner than leather providing a barehanded natural feel and full protection. The STEALTH grips will not stretch like leather and will hold their shape more consistently. They are slightly longer to accommodate for the fact they do not stretch. Additionally, they are microporous, allowing water vapor and heat to pass through allowing them to deal with sweat very well. STEALTH grips can be washed by hand or in a gentle machine cycle, and allow to air dry. They are also vegan-friendly!”Grinder's Gear Review | Stealth Victory Grips

What do I think? I didn’t love these right away. I felt like the product they used to replace the leather was kind of slick. Once I started using them, my mind was changed. They fit the hand and palm very well without being too tight or too thin. These grips are designed to fit a little looser and have some slack in the base of the fingers which is not like other grips I’ve worn. When I was used to the fit of these, I loved them. I would recommend these if you like grips that are a little wider on your palm, protect your hands and help maintain your grip. 

Why do you need it and when should you use it? Any movement that you would do gymnastics movements like toes-to-bar or pull-ups would be the perfect time to use these. I have used them when doing a workout that involved, cleans, pull-ups and handstand push-ups and these grips don’t pinch or bind and they didn’t seem too noticeable switching between lifts and gymnastics.

How do you get it? Stealth Victory Grips in two or three finger grips are sold from their site in pairs and retail for $45.

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