What is it? If you want to know about Lawless Jerky, look no further than the description on their site. They state that, “Lawless Jerky is America’s craft beef jerky. Our six world-inspired flavors are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. And, we use 100% grass-fed cattle for a supremely tender texture. No chewy bits. No sugary coatings. Just quality meat with amazing recipes.” Hard to get much more straightforward than that description.

Grinder's Gear Review | Lawless JerkyWhat do I think? To me, it is very hard to find good jerky that doesn’t taste rubbery but is also affordable and has a great ingredients list. I tried both the Sweet Sriracha and Honey Chipotle packs of Lawless Jerky and was very impressed with flavor, texture and price. The Sweet Sriracha has a great taste with just the right amount of sweetness and a good spicy flavor. The Honey Chipotle is an excellent blend of smoky and sweet. Both come in resealable bags and are perfect for an on-the-go snack that is also a great protein source.

Why do you need it? I struggle to look for snacks that don’t wreck my diet during the week. This is a great source of protein and also made of ingredients you don’t have to work about.

When should you use it? Great for snacks and I guess it could be used in meals or as a meal replacement if you were in the right situation.

How do you get it? Lawless Jerky is available for $5.99 a pouch through their site and they also offer a 4 and 6-pack sampler. Grinder's Gear Review | Lawless Jerky

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