Grinder's Gear Review | Tango CharlieWhat is it? Tango Charlie Apparel’s The Basic Yjogger Sweatpants are some of the new gear from TCA that marries together function, comfort and fashion. Tango has always pushed the limits of clothing trends and designs with some styles, looks and fabrics that make them stand out from just another fitness gear company. The Yjogger pants are no exception.

What do I think? I wasn’t sure that they were the right size. They looked small. Being a person who normally wears sweats over shorts and has a tendency towards the “baggier the better” mindset, I didn’t know what I would think of this more fitted design. First of all both my kids took off with this pair and I had to track the sweats down as they both wanted to keep them for themselves. The best way to describe them is insanely comfortable and soft. Not only are they comfy and look cute (according to my wife), they are nice to wear during a workout out or as a warm-up covering, especially in the winter months.

Why do you need it? Do you like comfortable sweats that fit great? Then buy these. If you love the jogger style of sweats, which I am starting to see pop up more and more often, then you’ll love that about them as well.

When should you use it? I don’t like doing an entire workout in sweats or hoodies, so I prefer to use them to wear to the gym, around the house or to sleep in. But then again, “Yjogging” in them would be a great way to wear them to train in as well.

How do you get it? You need to head over to Tango Charlie’s website and check out these sweats and a whole host of other apparel and training gear that they make. The Basic Yjogger retails for $36.50 for both guys and girls.

Grinder's Gear Review | Tango Charlie

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