Grinder's Gear Review| Clinch GearWhat is it? Clinch Gear’s site describes this product with the following information: Our Pro Series Shorts lead the industry in quality, comfort and durability. Featuring lightweight suede microfiber. Clinch Gear Pro Series Shorts also feature 360 degree side flex panels to provide superior comfort and performance. The Performance Series Shorts also feature an interlined, DoubleGrip waistband for extra body and comfort that stays in place. Clinch Gear Pro Series Shorts also feature high-density SuperStretch nylon-based expansion panels on the sides and crotch for maximum flexibility.

  • Polyester Suede Microfiber fabric
  • Fully sublimated graphics along side stretch panels
  • Flexible SuperStretch™ side panels
  • Patent-pending DoubleGrip™ waistband with 1 1/2″ hook and loop closure
  • Triple-needle stitched on inseam, side panels, and center back

What do I think? There are two standout qualities when it comes to the Clinch Gear shorts. First, they are lightweight while still being sturdy and durable. I love the fit and feel of these and they nylon-based panels on the sides are awesome for flexibility and functional movements during workouts. Secondly, the “DoubeGrip” velcro on the waistband is a game-changer. I have a variety of shorts that have velcro to keep them closed. In the past, I’ve had issues with the velcro wearing out and becoming less effective over time and uses. These stay very secure during workouts with all types of movements. All around great pair of shorts and I’m happy to have these in my rotation for all kinds of workouts and training.

Why do you need it? If you are looking for a lightweight short with great flex and feel, these would be the ones I’d recommend. Clinch Gear Grinder's Gear Review| Clinch Gearhas no shortage of designs and looks. Take a look around their site and pick out some that you think would work for your style.

When should you use it? Excellent for CrossFit and I know that there are a lot of people who use them for MMA and kickboxing training sessions too. As far as a pair of training shorts that would be great as running shorts, Clinch Gear would be a perfect fit.

How do you get it? Clinch Gear is available through their site and the Pro Series shorts that I reviewed retail for $59.95.

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