What is it? Clean Snatch Soap (great name by the way) is an all-organic, Made in the USA product, that uses natural ingredients to smooth, clean and repair your skin.  According to Clean Snatch Soap, “each bar is handmade with the finest all natural active ingredients and has a convenient re-sealable travel case making it great for athletes on the road.” Additionally, it lists the following attributes: Detergent Free. Gluten Free. Sulfate Free. NO GMO’s. Safe and NON-Toxic. Never Animal Tested. Always #CleanClean.

What do I think? This has to be one of the most intriguing products I’ve reviewed for Grinder’s Gear Review. It’s soap, but it’s awesome. The smell alone is worth the price but it actually moisturizes too.  I’ll admit that my complexion is better since I’ve started washing my face with it daily.  Every time I traveled during the CrossFit Games Regionals, I took the Clean Snatch Soap bar out and tossed the hotel soap aside.  Very remarkable product for just daily use but it also helps sooth and repair my damaged hands and callouses from my CrossFit training as well.

Why do you need it? Do you like clean, non-dry, clear skin? Then this is why you need it. It looks real, meaning it looks like naturally made soap and there aren’t dyes or added colors to “pretty it up”.  The thickness of each bar really allows the user to keep clean for a very long time. Grinder's Gear Review | Clean Snatch Soap

When should you use it? I use it to wash my face and general cleaning but it is great to keep you hands from drying out and helps repair and revitalize your skin as well.  The liquid soap pump can be used as a quick lotion by itself, even without water.

How do you get it? Clean Snatch Soap: PR Soap and other titles are available on their website and retail for $10 a bar or you can get the foaming hand soap pump made with tea tree oil. Is this soap worth $10 a bar, short answer, it definitely is.

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