Grinder's Gear Review | Born PrimitiveWhat is it? I checked out Born Primitive Vitality Sports Bra and Vitality Tank, and they’ve come a long way from their original product- the Snatch Shorts.

What do I think? The backs of both pieces are identical with the crisscross straps, and definitely take your standard bra and tank to the next level with the design. I have quite a few of the Lululemon “free to be wild” bras, that have the same design, but they are not as supportive as Born Primitive’s version. The tank has the added benefit of a built-in bra.

Why do you need it? If you’re looking for a super cute bra with good support, you’ll find it here in multiple colors and patterns. They even have Police and Fire editions where a portion of each sale is donated to a charity.

When should you use it? Both are great to wear for any workout, and even outside of the gym. I love wearing this bra with an open back tank and jeans on the weekend. You can wear a sports bra and still look like you tried!

How do you get it? Born Primitive’s website has a great variety of fitness clothing with lots of different colors and patterns. You can purchase the Vitality tank on sale right now for $40, and the Vitality Bra for $42.Grinder's Gear Review | Born Primitive

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