Grinder's Gear Review | Born PrimitiveWhat is it? Born Primitive has become much more than just that “snatch shorts” company. This is the description from their site of the Brand PR Tee: “These shirts are tailored to fit the body’s “V shape” by having custom stitching that tapers down across the outside of the abdomen (as opposed to running along the sides of the body like conventional shirts). This will provide a much better fit for guys who like to chuck some weight around at the gym. It also features a heathered tri-blend fabric for a ridiculous amount of comfort. The Brand PR boldly displays our new logo complemented by the forward assaulting American flag on the right sleeve and additional branding on the back. This will be your new go-to shirt for the gym or everyday wear.”

What do I think?  That last sentence could not be more accurate. I can not stop wearing this shirt. I have reviewed a lot of shirts and gear and, for the most part, a shirt is a shirt is a shirt. But these shirts from Born Primitive are simply incredible. The material, fit and feel are really unlike anything I’ve trained in. You know when you first figure out how great Smart Wool socks are and you want to run home, dump out all your non-Smart Wool socks in the trash and replace them all? That’s kind of what I want to do with the Brand PR shirts. Plus, the have one that supports one of my favorite organizations, 555 Fitness. Until you put one of these on, you can’t really understand how good they are. I will add, they are very much an athletic cut. 99% of my shirts are larges and I needed an XL in these. (If you are in great shape, the large would be fine to showcase your physique.)

Why do you need it? It is a great shirt that is breathable and sturdy and pushes sweat away from your body and looks great. The real question is why do you NOT need it?

When should you use it? Again, it really is an all-around shirt. Everyday shirt for sure, but these will be the one shirt that you dig through Grinder's Gear Review | Born Primitiveyour closet to find when you are heading to lift, CrossFit or run.

How do you get it? Born Primitive is sold through their site and I would guess that they make appearances at various functional fitness comps and possible Regionals or the Games. You can buy the Brand PR Performance Cut for $35.00 and yes, it is very much worth the money.

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